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The Greatest Comedian You’ve Never Heard Of

Minister of Mirth: Grady Nutt

Minister of Mirth: Grady Nutt

I have a special place in my heart for great comedy and as a youngster I thrived off Ray Stevens, Bill Cosby, and Grady Nutt. Most of you recognize 2 of these names but you aren’t familiar with the venerable Mr. Nutt.

Grady Nutt is the best comedian you’ve never heard of. This is a true southern brand of comedy that centers around church and families and it is absolutely hilarious.

I’ve looked for clips of his sketches for years and on a whim decided to try again today (it’s maintenance night and I need something to entertain my ears) and EUREKA; I found the exact album that I played endlessly.

So do yourself a favor and check out “Funny Stories from the Prime Minister of Humor

I recommend you start with “When the Roll is called up yonder”  – My favorite joke of all time. and don’t miss “I have an Odor” and the “Dinner on the grounds“.  I hope you enjoy these bits as much as I do.


Waypoints for May 30


waypoint noun ˈwā-ˌpȯint – a reference used for purposes of navigation.

Items that inspire, encourage, or challenge me along with a bit of commentary or context. Read More →


WayPoints for May 2, 2013


waypoint noun \ˈwā-ˌpȯint\ – a reference used for purposes of navigation.

I often like to share items that inspire, encourage, or challenge me along with a bit of commentary or context. Twitter doesn’t allow me space to share these dispatches and I’m mindful of the ephemeral nature of social sharing, so I’ll be bringing the best recommendations to my blog.

So welcome to WayPoints, recommended stops along the journey.


Faith that made Jesus Marvel
by Jon Bloom (@BLOOM_JON)

Consider for a moment the persons of great faith that we learn of in the New Testament. Which one of those disciple’s or Rabbi’s faith made Jesus marvel? Mr. Bloom’s article is so powerful I refuse to even excerpt his powerful final paragraph. So I’ll end with this beautiful teaser,

It is a gospel irony that the only person recorded in the gospels whose faith made Jesus marvel was a _____ _______.


The Complementarian Woman: Permitted or Pursued
by Jen Wilkin (@JenniferWilkin)

I had so much to share about this piece it turned into a blog post.

End the culture of permission and you will dispel the stigma of submission. We are not usurpers, we are the possessors of every capacity you lack and the celebrators of every capacity you possess.

Brothers, don’t permit us. Pursue us.


The Sanctifying Work of Parenthood
by Christina Fox (@toshowthemJesus)

My true need wasn’t to find the perfect ‘get your child to sleep’ system or the best potty training program or even the top ten ways to get my kids to clean up after themselves, rather it was to see my desperate need to rely on the grace of God. Many times I sought joy and contentment in how perfectly behaved my children are or how smoothly my day went. Yet God knew that what I needed most is only found in him.

That hits a bit too close too home.


Watch Me

A powerful short film intended to encourage discipleship. It’s also a strong gut check to consider saying those 2 words. (via Wyman Richardson)