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Let’s get coffee soon

We’ve said those words nearly every time we’ve crossed paths this past year. Your daughter mentioned that you asked her to help remind you to take me out for coffee soon. Tonight I told my wife through tears that I still owed you coffee.

You probably don’t know what a giant you are in my eyes. How much I admire your integrity, your heart, your fire, and your kindness. I’ve seen your strength in trials, your tears during prayer, your anger at injustice,  and your vulnerability when speaking of your own journey and faults.

You taught me a great deal about leadership and how to balance wisdom & compassion. You never shied away from walking straight into a difficult situation and that driving force was fueled by a servants heart that often acted quietly behind the scenes.

I once assumed that a man of your wisdom and age had it all figured out. I admitted this assumption to you and I got one of the best laughs from you I ever saw. It was a great encouragement to walk alongside such a Godly man that would laugh at being described as such.

Thanks for being real.

A real friend,

A real mentor,

A real brother.

I’ll miss you LP.

PS: Let’s get coffee in heaven. I can’t wait to tell you what God’s been doing in my life this past year.

[For my friend’s reading this post please don’t delay making time to have coffee with a friend.]

The Fabric of our Lives

I’ve been asking many of you to pray for my friends Cotton and Donna over the past few days and it occurs to me that quite a few of you don’t have the pleasure to know this family so I wanted to introduce them and tell a bit of their story.

The Current Situation

Donna has been in the midst of the a high risk pregnancy and over the past 3 days things took a turn for the worst. Skyrocketing blood pressure led to a hospital visit and then being rushed to UAMS here in Little Rock. She was diagnosed with HELLP syndrome and the situation went from bad to worse. At this moment Donna is in need of your prayers, tonight is going to be a tough night. I won’t dive into the details further but you can follow @cottonr on Twitter for updates. Pray for Donna and pray for the Doctors.


Clockwise: Cotton & Donna | Cotton completing his 1st @Gowalla trip at the UofA | Messing around in Hotel dining hall | Myself, Christopher Spencer, & Cotton at WordCamp | Cotton holding Claire


A glimpse of greatness

Can I tell you a bit about my friend?

Cotton may be the most authentic, generous, loving, and joyful man I know. There isn’t a person around that knows him that doesn’t have a hilarious story and doesn’t love the guy. If you don’t like Cotton the problem is probably with you.

This is a guy that talked his way through police barriers to take MREs to tornado victims in Vilonia within hours of the destruction. He helped found a non-profit organization called The One that works to support the Van Homeless outreach ministry in Central Arkansas. You should hear him talk about the moving experience of volunteering overnight in a warming shelter that was saving lives in Little Rock last year… and that’s the just the tip of the iceberg.

I met Cotton at a geek conference a couple of years ago and we soon discovered that we were both gregarious guys with quick laughs and a shared love of technology. What neither of us knew is that we’d also discover a common love for Christ and an intense spiritual kinship. He’s family to Sunshine and I. He’s a dear brother in Christ and Uncle Cotton around our house.

My friend Greg shared the story on his blog today that will forever bond Cotton, @jgreghenderson and I. I’ve never written about our experience with that type of loss but, as we discovered through Cotton, many of you have been down that road as well.

Donna is saint (heck she’s Cotton’s wife what more do you want to know? I said He’s awesome – not easy to live with).

Honestly it doesn’t matter who they are right now. They could use your prayers.

But when I read in Proverbs of the blameless man, the kind, the giving, the merciful… I’m reading about my friend Cotton.

You can read his blog at and follow him on Twitter at @cottonr.

God Bless you both brother. We are praying.


A Spiritual Journey – With a little help from my friends…

God always finds a way to reach us just where we stand. Sometimes its a still small voice and sometimes it is a through the words of a friend. Feel free to envy me because I have the most amazing friends in the world and they share their life with me continually through tweets and blogging. Sure we blog about family and might rant time to time but on occasion we share our spiritual journey with the world.

So here are a few words of empathy, conviction, & encouragement told with a little help of my friends.

Daily Prayer by @KerriJack

I have a standing deal with Kerri, if she doesn’t write a book one day I’ll kill her. I truly enjoy her humor and tales of her family but there is real power when she bears her soul and we are all the better for it.

Make me a better wife, a better mother, daughter, sister, employee, friend and neighbor. Give me grace today.

Well, God,
There’s always tomorrow.

An Open Confession by @AaronBReddin

Aaron calls it like he sees it and while we’ve yet to meet in real life I’ve come to really appreciate his voice. This post wasn’t an easy one to write but the best ones never are.

It is unacceptable to blame anyone but yourself for your current spiritual health

Seeing Spots by @bootsmc

Boots is the go-to-girl for all things concerning fashion and style. She has impeccable taste in music but I contend her real talent is allowing God to speak through her in a manner I can’t explain. Her insight is priceless.

I want to be that one leopard that can change her spots!

I try. My power to change these spots on my own has proven useless. The spots remain glaring at me reminding me of my darkness. In my frustration, I cry out to God.

Then, I hear his voice deep deep within my heart say, “When I look at you, I don’t see what you see {Proverbs 10:12}

To these folks and many others it is a great blessing to call you friends along this journey.


My Amazing Extended Family

If anyone ever stands a chance of truly understanding me, they must know this. In my life, there has rarely been any difference between family and friends. – @Amybhole

My friend Amy penned the line above and I immediately recognized myself. What is interesting is how differently we arrived at this common perspective. She was raised in a Bible-belt “hippie socialist commune”. I was raised mostly by myself.

I am an only child.

There are a lot of stereotypes associated with “only children” and I bristle at most of them because they probably hit a bit too close to home.

I was raised in the country without a lot of kids around so I spent much of my time entertaining myself. I’m a daydreamer with a vivid imagination so my four-wheeler and endless woods became my kingdom. (My childhood is the Faulkner version of Bridge to Terabitha). When I wasn’t alone most of my social interaction was with adults. There haven’t been any kids in my family in over 15 years so I learned to talk with adults. Keep in mind my family gatherings to this day are spirited discussions on politics, religion, and Razorback sports. I mean is there really anything else?

If I wasn’t with family I was sitting at breakfast counters and deer camps with my father and a bunch of old salts. These wonderful white-haired men that would continually give you a hard time but told the best stories and best jokes. I don’t think I knew a single quiet or reserved person till high school.

While being an opinionated daydreaming loudmouth isn’t always flattering I’m most thankful that being an only child helped me realize the value of friends. I take friendship very seriously. Someone once said that if you have one good friend in a lifetime you are lucky. I’m not lucky I’m blessed because I have so many good friends.

They know they are my brothers and sisters. It isn’t about genetics and blood relation it is love, one for another.

Extending my family 140 characters at a timephoto

A little over a year ago I got involved in a local meetup group called #LRtweetup. As more locals were on Twitter we wanted to bring people together to help grow these relationships. I’ve simply exploited this group to meet the most amazing people in the world.

If you aren’t on Twitter let me attempt to explain what you are missing. Facebook is for people you already know and Twitter is for people you’d like to get to know. In 2008 I knew none of these people but through thousands of tweets, meet ups, blog posts, & lunches they are now friends that are part of my daily life.

Sunshine and I are expecting our first child this August and my twitter family hijacked the last tweetup and threw a baby shower for us.

I honestly don’t have the words to express how moved I was by this show of love.

I usually expect Churches or families to throw showers but when friends that have no obligation do it for you it is truly humbling. It wasn’t just the gifts (which by the way were awesome and perfect because they all know me so well) but my friends took their time and money to think of us.

To grasp the enormity of all this you have to know this shower was the result of my friend @jgreghenderson.

I’ve been a bit conflicted when it comes sharing baby updates to this community because while we prepare to celebrate Claire’s arrival I’m mindful of the loss of my friends. Last winter 3 couples, all friends, found we were all expecting our first child. We laughed about becoming Geek Dads together and looked forward to the shared experience. The the unthinkable happened. Twice. Both experienced a loss that only those who have been there can understand. Sunshine and I have been there and it hurts like nothing else and I didn’t want our joy to be a source of pain to my friends.

Then one of those friends threw us a baby shower. When you shake the hand of the man that organized the baby shower knowing he is mindful that we aren’t having a triple baby shower you know you’ve encountered greatness.

I have many people to thank but I’ll never get over Greg’s kindness and grace.

I’ll never get over how many people I’m blessed to call family. Twitter isn’t all that special but the people you meet most definitely are.

To all of you. My heart is full. I am humbled and blessed to have as part of my life.

You are my family. Thank you.