Let’s get coffee soon

We’ve said those words nearly every time we’ve crossed paths this past year. Your daughter mentioned that you asked her to help remind you to take me out for coffee soon. Tonight I told my wife through tears that I still owed you coffee.

You probably don’t know what a giant you are in my eyes. How much I admire your integrity, your heart, your fire, and your kindness. I’ve seen your strength in trials, your tears during prayer, your anger at injustice,  and your vulnerability when speaking of your own journey and faults.

You taught me a great deal about leadership and how to balance wisdom & compassion. You never shied away from walking straight into a difficult situation and that driving force was fueled by a servants heart that often acted quietly behind the scenes.

I once assumed that a man of your wisdom and age had it all figured out. I admitted this assumption to you and I got one of the best laughs from you I ever saw. It was a great encouragement to walk alongside such a Godly man that would laugh at being described as such.

Thanks for being real.

A real friend,

A real mentor,

A real brother.

I’ll miss you LP.

PS: Let’s get coffee in heaven. I can’t wait to tell you what God’s been doing in my life this past year.

[For my friend’s reading this post please don’t delay making time to have coffee with a friend.]